Dr. Olding Presented Part I in Montreal


What an amazing weekend! Thank you to Formation Continue Chiropratique for hosting this course and to all the Canadian chiropractors who joined us! Dr. Kurt Olding so enjoyed and appreciated their interest and engagement with the content and the hands-on throughout the weekend.

Despite the weekend’s behind-the-scenes excitement (for lack of a better word – delayed airplanes, locked up chiropractic table in a warehouse without a key, borrowed Cox7 Table, ice/snow storm on Sunday, no screen/projector on Saturday, the band for a birthday party on the other side of the wall – Oh my!), we covered the lumbar spine content and participated in hands-on sessions (with Dr. Hoang’s table moved by Dr. Tim Schneider and Dr. Daniel Hudon in a rented box truck!). The hotel staff helped moved it into the room.

We had several hands-on sessions mixed with patient case videos from Dr. Cox’s practice.

And a demonstration of doming of the diaphragm for hamstring stretching as hamstrings are typically tight in spondylolisthesis.


While Dr. Olding and I don’t speak French, we did enjoy the kind comments in English of appreciation for such a well-referenced presentation, well-grounded sharing of clinical application and excitement for Part II this fall in Montreal on October 25-27, 2019, when we'll practice more hands-on (with The Cox8 Table from Haven Innovation) and discuss the disc more at one of the few Part II courses we offer outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

See you then!

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