Examination of the Low Back Pain Patient VIDEO

In just a short 75 minutes, Dr. James Cox, developer of the Cox Technic System of Spinal Pain Management, shows each test he performs with the lower back pain patient in his clinical practice. He shows the test, shares nuances of it and how the results of the examination test lead to a clear diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient's best clinical outcome. He also gives a few tips on how to present the treatment plan to the patient to gain congruence and a satisfactory outcome.
Dermatomes, doppler tests, range of motion tests and more are included. Tests performed in the prone, standing and sitting positions are shown. You will feel quite confident after watching this video in approaching the examination of the next low back pain patient who comes to you for help. Even the best back pain specialist can appreciate a little review of these tests in a practical, hands-on setting. 
Today's healthcare world demands evidence based protocols that satisfy patients as well as produce economical and clinical outcomes satisfactory to both the doctor and the payors. This examination video presents the low back examination as the foundation for excellent clinical outcomes expected by all. Dr. Cox makes sure that you have a grasp of all these examination and diagnosis tools.
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