Exotic Cox Technic Seminars - Chiropractic Clinical Outcomes & Spinal Research


The title got your attention, didn't it?! Well, the Part III Cox Seminars in 2014 go to the exotic locales in the eastern time zone of Orlando and Baltimore. Now, they can be exotic! The facilities are certainly very nice ones, and the camaraderie of the attending physicians will make it best!
So join fellow chiropractic physicians (All are welcome! certified or not!) for this chiropractic continuing education course in Baltimore where spinal pain research, treatment, biomechanics and clinical outcomes are shared. Highlights will be the chiropractic flexion distraction NIH and HRSA studies, of course!

Chiropractic. Research. Science. Technique. Clinical Applicability. Continuing Education.

That’s what you get at the Cox Technic Part III chiropractic continuing education course (though you don’t have to be certified to attend. All are welcome!). The weekend is filled with the latest in spinal research as published in the spine journals as well as the latest outcomes in the biomechanics laboratory and the chiropractic clinical practice.

Spinal research abounds every day. Dr. James Cox and his teaching team read it, relate it to clinical practice and share it with you.

The HRSA and NIH federally funded projects as well as some chiropractic physician clinical data collection studies continue. Their biomechanics and clinical outcomes are shared. The latest biomechanics excitement regards the intradiscal pressure drops in the cervical spine. The latest in clinical collection studies regards the FBSS (post-surgical continued pain patients, the PC term today!) lumbar spine patients.

Join the Part III courses in 2014. Orlando for some sun (March 22-23) or Baltimore for some water (on the inner harbor) (October 9-10). If you are certified and plan to attend, consider sharing a case report with the group.  Your experience is invaluable! Your clinical successes and challenges help everyone learn.

I love the case studies. Outstanding seminar as always.  Dr. Cox is fun and exciting, and his memory is awe-inspiring. I recommend his seminars to everyone interested in treating spine related conditions. – Bret White DC

Just 10 minutes. We can help you put the powerpoint presentation together.

Contact us for more information. See you in 2014!

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