Expand Your Chiropractic Box, Don't Go Out of It!


Think Outside the Box
...a business mantra.
How about expanding the box you are in to build and succeed in business.  
What Is Your BOX?
  • If a local mechanic specializes in transmissions and someone in your city says "transmission," his name follows. 
  • If a local hairstylist colors hair very well and someone wants his or her hair colored in your city, her name follows.
  • What about back pain? If someone has back pain, does your name follow? It must.
Consider this: When you tell someone "I am a chiropractor," what is the response? 
  • "Oh doc, I have back pain right here (pointing to the low back)."
  • "Really? My mom has neck pain so bad!"
  • "I have been seeing a physical therapist/neurosurgeon/orthopedic surgeon/doctor for months, and I still have leg pain."
  • "I tried a chiropractor once..."

What is your box? Chiropractic which is known for back pain relief.

How Do You Tell Everyone About Your BOX?
Are you the local chiropractor who relieves back pain, neck pain, arm pain and leg pain? The public thinks of you, the chiropractor, for back pain relief. You are the certified chiropractor using Cox Technic flexion distraction to relieve the pain and maintain the public confidence in the chiropractor as the back pain specialist. Tell the community about your chiropractic back pain relief box.
Educate yourself in the most current research-documented protocols and evidence-based procedures, and be confident in your chiropractic business box. You are in demand. Chiropractic is in demand.
  • 80% of people have back pain at some point, and 1 in 3 people has it right now.
What to do with Your Chiropractic BOX?
Expand your chiropractic box to meet the demand for back pain relief from a chiropractor by confidently treating back pain, maintaining your skills in treating back pain, and telling the world (your community at least!) that you treat back pain well.
Welcome back pain into your practice. Use Cox Technic Complete.

Cox Technic Complete
 is the program to tell the community that you are the chiropractor to treat back pain (via a pre-filled website optimized to get you found locally) and to keep you in touch with Cox Technic: its research, office forms, seminar discounts, marketing items and more (via free resources for download).
Contact us for a FREE online consultation and tour of Cox Technic Complete today!  1-800-441-5571

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