Federally Funded Research Documents Neck Pain Relief with Cox Technic

Dynamic Chiropractic recently published a report titled Chiropractic, Medical Researchers Collaborating on Neck Pain Study. Neck pain draws many patients to chiropractors' offices for cervical spine pain relief. Cox Technic flexion distraction and decompression for cervical spine pain has been described in a cervical spine textbook by Dr. James Cox, Cox Technic's founder, as well as journal articles and online case reports since its specific-for-cervical-spine protocols introduction in 1991.
Collaborators from Palmer Research Center, Loyola Stritch School of Medicine and the Hines VA Hospital in Chicago are documenting the biomechanical and clinical outcomes of Cox Technic on neck pain. Researchers, biomechanists, computer specialists, chiropractic physicians and many others pull their expertise together to document flexion distraction's effect on neck pain similarly to how it has already been documented for low back pain relief biomechanically and clinically.
Cox Technic seminars share research findings as well as protocols for clinicians to duplicate research documented results in their clinical practices.
Certified Cox Technic physicians are prepared to examine, diagnosis and treat cervical spine pain as well as other spine pain conditions. the Consult the referral directory of certified doctors for a doctor nearby.

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