Field Trip to the Factory: Cox Table

Haven Innovation was the destination for Dr. James Cox and several local Michigan chiropractic doctors to spend some time with Dr. Cox in a workshop setting, discussing cases and practicing treatment protocols on the premier flexion distraction table, The Cox Table. Don Wisner, president of Haven Innovation, along with Lance (head of sales), Ed (chief assembler), LeighAnn, Sammie, Jake, Brett, Dave and Terry (chief engineer) shared the quality of their manufacturing plant. From the CNC machines to the silent quality control testing room and all space in between, seeing where the Cox instrument is an excitement! (If you would like a tour, contact Lance at 1-919-935-1040. He'll set it up!) What an exciting day!
 Dr. Cox sharing technique with a couple of doctors.
 Don pointing out some details as Lance, Dr. Ward and Dr. Cox look on.
  Ed and Dr. Cox
 A stable of Cox Tables.
  Don showing some parts from the CNC machine.
  Various stages of assembly.
 Check out more information about The Cox Table, call Lance at 1-616-935-1040 or email us for more information.

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