Find a Low Back Pain Specialist Nearby

Certified Cox Technic physicians are available to help relieve low back pain in many communities. Low back pain specialists gain their reputations as low back pain specialists by relieving low back pain in their patients without drugs or invasive procedures. The Cox Technic referral directory of certified physicians is easy to search and produces a list of physicians in a 150 mile radius of a desired location.

The chiropractic low back pain specialist keeps abreast of the latest developments for pain relief and pain control. Cox Technic is supported by chiropractic researchers and clinicians who conduct research and document laboratory findings as well as clinical outcomes of real patient cases. The low back pain relief attained in clinical settings happens everyday, but doctors who share their outcomes via clinical case reports help other patients find a possible solution for their low back pain relief. Low back pain patients are comforted knowing that a non-surgical alternative means to their pain relief may be possible.
Clinically, when chronic pain or acute pain affects a patient's life, low back pain relief is essential to allow the patient to return to normal activities as soon as possible. Cox Technic is reported to allow maximum improvement in as little as 29 day and 12 visits in the 1000 cases study on average.
Biomechanically, the Cox Technic low back pain specialist aims for the following documented biomechanical changes to reduce low back pain in his or her patients:
  • drop intradiscal pressures to as low as -192mm Hg pressure
  • widen the intervertebral foramen
  • open the spinal canal space 28%
All these effects reduce pressure on the spinal nerves allowing low back pain relief.
Watch this video explanation of low back pain relief, then find a low back pain specialist in your desired area to consult for back pain relief. Please visit the referral directory of Cox Technic certified physicians.

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