Flexion Distraction: 4 Papers at ACC-RAC

Flexion distraction, the chiropractic spinal manipulation technique reportedly used by nearly 64% of chiropractors according to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, is to be well represented at the premier chiropractic research conference on March 17-19, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Dr. James Cox, flexion distraction's developer who named it nearly 50 years ago, is thrilled with this representation. "Documenting the biomechanical and clinical outcomes of what we chiropractors do is imperative. I am so excited for this ACC-RAC convention!"
The four presentations of chiropractic research into flexion distraction are 
  1. a poster presentation (Forces applied to patients with low back pain during flexion distraction treatment: a clinical case series by William Alexander, Robert Vining and Maruti Ram Gudavalli)       
  2. a platform presentation (The effect of force feedback training on students learning Flexion-Distraction technique by Robert Rowell, Maruti Ram Gudavalli, and Stephen Silverman)
  3. a poster presentation (69 cases' outcomes of post surgical continued pain [formerly known as failed back surgical syndrome] treated with flexion distraction by Cox, Gudavalli, Joachim, Olding)  
  4. a platform presentation (Dosage of treatment for cervical pain by field doctors using cervical Flexion Distraction by Cambron, Madigan, et al at NUHS)  
Please considering joining this event in March and look for more information as it evolves and is then reported on after the conference.

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