Flexion Distraction at ACC-RAC Conference

We are excited to share that four presentations about research outcomes using flexion distraction protocols are included in the ACC-RAC conference in 2016. This will be held in Orlando, FL, on March 17-19, 2016. Cox Technic and all its certified physicians are excited to see this! ACC-RAC highlights the chiropractic research. This is so important for the chiropractic profession. It shows the evidence-based side of chiropractic.
Here are the four presentations:
poster: Forces applied to patients with low back pain during flexion distraction treatment: a clinical case series 
William Alexander, Robert Vining, Maruti Ram Gudavalli 
poster: Outcomes of chiropractic distraction spinal manipulation on post-surgical continued low back and radicular pain patients: a retrospective case series study 
James Cox, Maruti Ram Gudavalli, George Joachim, Kurt Olding 
platform: The effect of force feedback training on students learning flexion-distraction technique 
Robert Rowell,
Ram Gudavalli,
Steven Silverman
platform: Dosage of treatment for cervical pain by field doctors using cervical flexion distraction
Dana Madigan,
Jerrilyn Cambron,
Jennifer Dexheimer,
Maruti Ram Gudavalli,
James Cox 

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