Flexion Distraction Is Superior in Radiculopathy Pain Relief

A randomized clinical trial is a very high level form of research documentation. Cox Technic flexion-distraction protocols have been put to the test in an RCT trial. The study compared chiropractic flexion-distraction care of low back pain to medical conservative management using active trunk exercise protocol for low back pain.
One of the most revealing outcomes indicated that flexion-distraction protocols are superior to active exercise protocols to relieve radiculopathy pain, pain that travels down the leg. Flexion-distraction was two and a half times as successful in relieving radiculopathy leg pain.
The European Spine Journal article featuring this chiropractic versus medical conservative care of back pain features the collaborative input of medical, chiropractic and physical therapy specialists focused on revealing options for low back pain sufferers.
If you suffer with radiculopathy leg pain and seek relief, check for a certified Cox Technic physician near you.

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