Free Fragments and Chemical Radiculitis as Cause of Back Pain and Neck Pain

Back pain and neck pain due to a free fragment of disc that not only may press on spinal nerves to cause pain but may also cause chemical irritation of the spinal nerves may confound the examining back pain doctor. It need not.
Dr. James Cox presents an online course explaining how free fragments and chemical radiculitis cause back pain and neck pain and spine pain. Based on classic as well as most recent medical research articles highlighting the anatomical and biomechanical aspects of these, this hour course moves quickly, not wasting a moment of your time. You'll have a clearer understanding of the chemical irritation that is possible in spinal pain. From the dorsal root ganglion (DRG) to the ligand to the vascular supply of a nerve and the autonomic nerve innervation and circulation, this course is a thorough review of neurogenic pain and radiculitis...with a demonstration of Cox Technic flexion distraction decompression spinal manipulation treatment to relieve the resultant pain of chemical radiculitis.
I have been waiting all my career for this seminar. This was the most USEFUL seminar ever. The information was stunning. That was the # 1 hit of Dr. Cox.
If there is one seminar ALL chiropractors and medical doctors should attend that was it.
Thank you.
Jocelyn Sicotte, D.C.
An intense hour of well-referenced material on this often overlooked and/or not well understood cause of spine pain, the Cox webinar recording on Free Fragments and Chemical Radiculitis will provide insight into just how much pain patients can be in and how much relief the treating physician may provide once he or she recognizes the source and applies the proper treatment.

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as back pain causes and how to relieve the associated back pain and neck pain and arm pain and leg pain with the Cox Technic System of Spine Pain Management.

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