FREE Preview of SPINAL CYSTS Video

Spinal cysts appear on MRIs of back pain patients. Are they "new" or are they just seen more with imaging? When should they cause concern? Do they cause pain? Which type of cyst is it - synovial cyst, Tarlov cyst, or discal cyst? Does the spinal cyst have to be removed or surgically approached? What are the alternatives?

Dr. James Cox presents the latest evidence and treatment approaches, including Cox Technic Flexion Distraction as a non-surgical approach to their pain relief ... if the cyst is the source of pain ... or other factors like spondylolisthesis or a disc herniation.
This recorded webinar now available as an on-demand video (register and receive a personal password) covers the latest research, differentiation tips, as well as treatment demonstration of the Cox Technic System approach to care as well as patient cases to illustrate each type of spinal cyst in an actual patient case. Case outcomes are illustrated.
Watch this free preview of segments from the 75 minutes' presentation, then order the whole spinal cyst presentation to watch the full course on your own time.
Best viewed in Internet Explorer. To view "full screen," press play. Right click. Choose "zoom" then "full screen."

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