Free Video - Tell The World: Spine Research & Back Pain Patients

Dr. James Cox and Julie Cox-Cid present this hour long discussion and presentation of how daily spine research is recovered, read, summarized, and disseminated as well as its value in helping the spine pain patient find relieving care and control the condition so that the condition doesn't control his or her life. A back pain patient case (showing how a newly published finding is found in a patient) is presented with a video of its treatment, Cox Technic Complete is shared as to how it helps get the research out to the seeking back pain public looking for the chiropractic back pain specialist, and Cox Pearls are revealed as to their organization and value.
In this webinar, Dr.  Cox shares how he takes the latest spine research facts and tells the world about it all, how he spreads the word to patients, colleagues, and community (with a little help from Julie). His hope is always to elevate spine care, relieve pain and inspire hope in back pain sufferers. Everything is referenced. Everything is pertinent. Everything makes a point that chiropractors are the back pain specialists to see today.  
Dr. Cox shares his stream of spine fact gathering and dissemination as well as demonstrate how he translates the spine facts into patient care while the patient is on the table during a video-streaming Cox Technic treatment demonstration on The Cox Table.  
Password:  theworldofspine 
Tell the world what you do.
Let Dr. Cox, Julie and Cox Technic help you! 

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