Google Likes MOBILE websites. Cox Technic Complete Sites are MOBILE!

Cox Technic Complete is a program.
  • It includes downloads of patient forms and doctor forms.
  • It includes podcasts by Dr. Cox to listen to when you want.
  • It offers powerpoints to give to patients and healthcare colleagues.
  • It offers 25% off discounts on Cox Seminars and webinars and online CE courses.
  • It sends an email newsletter to your patients directly each month.
  • It features video explanations by Dr. Cox to educate your patients about their spinal conditions.
  • It includes a continually-updated-with-new-content website filled with videos and 3d animations and much more.
But what does Google want? Mobility! Mobile-responsiveness!

The Cox Technic Complete websites comply.
The new mobile-responsive, chiropractic websites will make Google happy when it's deciding whose websites to list and where. It's all good!
Mobile responsive websites allow web surfers to see content easily on their smart phones, tablets and desktops with accuracy and ease.
So if you're ready to step up to a professionally designed, content driven, mobile responsive chiropractic website, contact Cox Technic Complete today (1-800-441-5571), a joint venture between Cirrus ABS and Cox Technic.

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