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Best wishes for a successful 2019!
We look forward to seeing you this year!
Thank you!
Presenting chiropractic as a willing partner in the health care delivery system demands a specific skill level. This is a combination of academic training, clinical application, desire to serve, understanding meaningful improvement, willingness to be part of the entire medical team, and a community presence of respect and caring. My profession can attain this goal with the example of a few good men and women doctors of chiropractic. That really is the reason for what is called Cox® Flexion Distraction spinal manipulation. It is not just a form of manipulation but an image of chiropractic accomplishment; it presents a reasonable, anatomical explanation for the reason manipulation benefits its recipients.

The ultimate goal is that both the patient and the Cox® certified chiropractor have confidence in distraction spinal manipulation; that both know and understand best clinical outcomes are attained with it. The doctor has the mental, physical and spiritual awareness of his or her ability to deliver the best conservative care for spine pain, and that confidence sets the aura for success. This sense envelops the patient with the same awareness that he or she is at the right place for care.

This sense of growing spinal manipulation acceptance has never been more visible. Our chiropractic universities and colleges finally, after decades of presenting our research and clinical outcome studies of Cox® spine manipulation and overcoming the resistance of “something new,” are integrating its teaching into curriculum. This success is due to the science and input from so many people. May I name a few?
  1. Ram Gudavalli, PhD, started our federally funded research in 1994 via collaboration with Loyola Medical Center and Hines VA Hospital; this progressed to several HRSA and NIH grants to study the biomechanical and clinical outcome comparison studies of our work to medical care for spine pain. (If you are certified and want to participate in the FBSS/Post-Surgical Continued Pain Study, please let Julie knowWe need your letter of participation by January 7!)
  2. Our team of instructors via the National University of Health Sciences – Drs. Dean Greenwood, Lee Hazen, George Joachim, Ralph Kruse and Kurt Olding. These men really put in the hours and work to certify chiropractors in my work, and without them this would not occur. Our team of workshop leaders - Drs. Ted Siciliano, Mike Poulin, Kurt Olding, Lee Hazen, Joel Dixon, Travis Cross, Marc Baker, Luigi Albano - who share their knowledge, talent, and office space with Cox® Tables! (Thanks to NUHS Post-Grad for managing the CE approvals!)
  3. The new school of chiropractic medicine at Keiser University in West Palm Beach where Dr. Gudavalli now is with Ralph Kruse, DC, FACO, who moved from a very successful practice in Chicago, Illinois, to teach orthopedics and chiropractic technique and Dr. Bret White.
  4. Haven Medical who engineers the Cox® instrument to make treating patients easy on the doctor and effective for relief and furnish research donation of it while working with chiropractic institutions to avail students of its use.
  5. Chiropractic schools - In the past year alone, we have been invited to present at Logan University, Keiser University, trained interns at National University of Health Sciences, presented a webinar for CMCC and the ACA, trained instructors from Logan, Cleveland, and Palmer Colleges and communicated with technique departments from many other chiropractic training sites whose students come for Part II of the certification course from Logan/Dr. Brinkman, NYCC/Dr. Mollin, NUHS FL/Dr. Guadagno, Life GA/Dr. Garber, Palmer IA/Dr. Rowell, SCUHS/Dr. Dirks.
  6. Foreign training with certification has been completed via a partnership with the Swiss Chiropractic Academy for students from various European countries.
  7. Chiropractors from around the world who make extraordinary effort and sacrifice to come study, be certified and take Cox® Technic back home to Australia, Iceland, Spain, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Poland, New Zealand, Malaysia, Mexico, Italy, France, Canada, Nova Scotia, Finland, Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, and others.
  8. Each and every certified Cox® doctor who returns to his or her clinic and delivers the best spinal manipulation relief to their patients for relief of spinal stenosis, post-surgical continued pain, common conditions of spondylolisthesis, transitional vertebra, scoliosis, discogenic spine and extremity pain, herniated disc, disc degeneration, etc., and especially for patients with conditions not amenable to high velocity adjusting.
The future will demand more of us than the past because of our growing presence in the conservative treatment of spine conditions. Also keep in mind we are part of the health care, spine care team, and the Interdisciplinary Spine Conference on Spinal Stenosis next September 28 and 29, 2019, in Fort Wayne, is a next big step in our growth. Chiropractic diagnosis and treatment of spine pain, neurosurgery and orthopedic surgeons, psychologists speaking on handling depression of chronic pain, surgical implantation of spinal cord stimulators for chronic spine pain, a major university chiropractic and physical therapy division will discuss collaborative spine care, urologist describing spinal stimulation for incontinence, and actual presentation of spinal stenosis cases with their chiropractic care. When is surgery indicated? Noted chiropractors will present cases treated with Cox® Technic. Please read more about this innovative conference, and reserve your seat today.

The future is bright for chiropractic and spine pain and spine-related pain relief.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Cox 
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