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Facebook is a huge vehicle for spreading the word, and Cox Technic has lots of word to spread! Clinical outcomes. Research study findings. Continuing education seminars to teach physicians. Published articles. Patient successes.
Yes, nearly 64% of chiropractic physicians practice Cox Technic. Many are back pain specialists who can diagnose the cause of pain and establish a treatment plan to relieve it while certified Cox Technic physicians really pride themselves on focusing on spine pain relief with Cox Technic.
Via Facebook, let's try to tell all the back pain and leg pain and neck pain and arm pain sufferers that they can be helped with Cox Technic. Share the benefits of chiropractic care. It's effective, research-documented and evidence-based care that fits into today's clinical guidelines of care for 4 to 8 weeks of conservative care before any advanced imaging or surgical consultation is arranged. Cox Technic is spinal manipulation, the first line of care option recommended. It's an alternative to back surgery.
Cox Technic on FacebookSo take a moment. LIKE the Cox Technic Facebook page. Share a link. Post a success or an experience. Let's help Facebook spread the word about the good Cox Technic can do.

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