Location, Location, Location...Level, Level, Level


Business success mantra: "Location, Location, Location."
Back pain relief mantra: "Level, Level, Level."
Whether a patient chooses back surgery or conservative treatment for back pain relief, the key is treatment at the right level of the spine. A clear diagnosis must be made. Guided by a thorough clinical examination that considers where the pain extends (which dermatome is affected) and other objective and subjective tests, a clinical examination is 86% accurate. If an MRI is added, it is 95% accurate. ( 1 )
A recent medical research article reviewed spinal surgeries reportedly performed at the wrong level. It found that more lumbar "wrong-site" back surgeries were performed at the wrong level than surgeries in the cervical spine. Current pre-surgical site verification methods were not effective to prevent these. ( 2 )
So the mantra for back pain relief success comes back to performing treatment at the right location whether it's surgery or conservative care. A back pain specialist knows this. The Cox Technic System of Spinal Pain Relief starts with a solid understanding of the biomechanics of the back so that the clues a thorough examination reveal leads the treating physician to the accurate diagnosis for a relieving treatment plan at the right level of the spineCox Technic certified physicians rely on the clinical examination to ensure the best relief possible for back pain sufferers, especially those who wish to avoid a back surgery.
If you are just experiencing back pain for the first time or you've already had a back surgery and still have pain (failed back surgery syndrome), contact your local certified Cox Technic physician for relief.

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