MARCH MADNESS for The Cox Table for Flexion Distraction

 Proud to be a Michigan based company, but...
 We're tired of winter! 

We've seen too much snow here in Michigan!

We're a bit snow-mad!

So take advantage of our madness in this 

MARCH MADNESS promotion:


$1000 off a new Cox8 Table


a $500 credit toward a Cox Seminar*.
Check out The Cox8 Table®  and all its functions.

Call Don at 616-935-1040 or Julie at 260-637-6609.

Order your Cox8 Table by March 31, 2014
We promise not to send any snow with the table...
The Cox Table Model 8 by Haven Innovation is the quality flexion distraction instrument for the back pain specialty chiropractic practice for neck pain, arm pain, lower back pain, and leg pain relief using established, evidence-based protocols. It's time for your practice to welcome The Cox Table! 

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