Maui 2023 Cox® Honors Course: What You Missed!


Julie is writing this summary and begs forgiveness up-front that the following really doesn’t do justice to the “feel” of the weekend or the depth of discussion during the course or the inspiration that came from the presenters’ cases or the “ohana” (Hawaiian for “family”) that was formed. This course was really amazing. Thanks to all who came and participated as listeners, presenters, patients for hands-on, devils’ advocates, wisdom sharers and so much more!

Cox 2023 Honors Course "ohana" group at Sheraton Maui 

“Be a participant not a spectator” became the mantra, the unplanned theme, for the Cox® Maui Honors Course 2023. Lead by Dr. James Cox (developer of Cox® Technic) and Dr. Lee Hazen (former resident/associate and current Cox® course instructor), the weekend started off with Dr. Cox's presenting the latest in spine research studies that he had collected most recently and emphasized how chiropractic must remain and even elevate its publication status to stay ahead of the curve of those offering spinal manipulation.

He demonstrated technique protocols on The Cox®8 Force Table (that was taking a short vacation in Hawaii on its way to Drs. Young and Pairmore in Alaska!). What an amazing instrument Haven Medical has created in this Cox® Table to be able to see in real time the forces being applied to the spine as well as at what degrees. Terry Plumert, Haven’s engineer, has done a great job refining and making the output easy for us – and chiropractic patients – to see.

The Cox® Honors Course is a more advanced, dynamic weekend of sharing clinical applications, challenges, successes, hopes, and plans for the future of Cox® Technic. Attending chiropractic physicians certified in Cox® Technic presented clinical cases of about 10 minutes each with sometimes lengthy and sometimes short discussions of what to do next, what worked/didn’t work, etc. Dr. Cox would cite references that would support the next steps – by journal name and volume and number and even page number which he is so known for. Challenging cases would prompt new ideas for future research studies – how can we measure CSF flow? How can we implement real-time ultrasound with the Cox®8 Force Table measurements in clinic like they’re doing at Keiser College of Chiropractic Medicine (Drs. Ralph Kruse and Ram Gudavalli)? Exciting! The presenters and their cases were:

  • Cameron McConville DC – (all the way from Warragul Australia!) – Spinal Gout – He and Dr. Cox have been collaborating for a long time on this. Dr. McConville presented a summary of his literature review on spinal gout that is submitted for publication, an informing discussion of an overlooked possible condition that chiropractors may well see in practice.

  • Luigi Albano DC –  (Windsor Ontario Canada) - 2 cases: (1) 34 year history of chronic low back pain AND (2) 10 year history of chronic low back pain (PLUS he also demonstrated and lead a hands-on session on treating knee, hip and shoulder issues with The Cox®8 Table using Cox® Technic principles.)

  • James Brandt DC – (Minnesota) - 2 cases: (1) Post-MVA neck and ear pain AND (2) Cervical stenosis C5-C7 with severe lateral canal stenosis
  • Sarah Bracamontes DC – (San Jose CA) - Left Leg Pain Relief for a 79 years young and fun lady

  • Evaline Delson DC – (Charleston SC) - Acute LBP in a Postpartum Mother

  • Joel Dixon DC – (Malvern Melbourne Australia) - Complex multi-segmental spinal pain in 48-year-old male patient post-surgery with tri-level spinal fusion and double synthetic disc replacement managed with Cox® Flexion-Distraction Technic

  • Evan Halbert DC – (Portland OR) - Physical Management of Complex Chronic Illness (inflammatory issues, DDD, lyme, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc.)

  • Lee Hazen DC – (Temecula CA) - 2 cases (of the 10 he prepared at Julie’s request!!! We ran out of time.): (1) The “inflamma-factory” case of a 64 year old female with LBP, buttock, and sciatica since 2013 AND (2) 55 year old female with “unsightly” shoulder blade - probable iatrogenic Long thoracic nerve damage with serratus anterior palsy

  • Michael McMurray DC – (Campbell CA) - A case review of a spinal stenosis patient that was unresponsive to physical therapy

  • Jeanine Santoro DC – (Indiana PA) - multi-disciplinary, complementary care of a CHARGE defect utilizing Cox® in an infant

  • Derek Tenckhoff DC – (Brea CA) - 35-Year-Old Male with Left Leg Pain

  • Carl Tenckhoff DC – (Chico CA) - Difficult case with multiple providers

Many of these doctors presented for the first time ever…but certainly not the last time! They got their “feet wet” and are ready to do it again! A few of them may even go to the next step and write their cases up for publication. Fantastic! Dr. Cox is so excited for this.

Dr. Jim Brandt from the International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine attended on Saturday and shared how well the aims of the IANM and the Cox® Seminars meld toward the production of best clinical outcomes via best clinical, evidence-based practices. He invited the attendees to consider the 300 hour program for orthopedics…and to submit their case reports to the Journal of the International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (JIANM)! The editor, Dr. Marc Lucente, is a generous editor who is encouragingly patient.


Dr. Cox rounded out Sunday’s hours with a discussion of spinal stenosis that is a current and future-growing spinal condition that no spine care provider can ignore with the aging population. He presented surgical options and stats and non-surgical options and stats with the clinical outcome goal of enhancing the quality of life of stenosis patients which chiropractic particularly the gentle protocols of Cox® Technic can provide of which a current data collection study is documenting the effects. Dr. Cox again stated that he and all of chiropractic colleagues must strive to “be a participant not a spectator” when it comes to publishing cases, studying research, donating to research projects (like donating to the Cox® Fund at Keiser College of Chiropractic Medicine with Drs. Ralph Kruse and Ram Gudavalli - or buying a Dr. Cox-handcrafted wood pen!), volunteering to collect data for research studies to elevate chiropractic’s reputation as the spinal manipulation provider for back, neck and spine-related pain relief.


Check out the comments from attendees:

Most beneficial:

  • Studies supporting specific treatments/modalities
  • All of the research-referenced
  • Loved the hands on and the new research
  • Loved the other DC presentations
  • Being inspired by Dr Cox – Joseph Pritchett DC
  • Collaboration and case presentations
  • Discussions and research
  • Dr. Cox research studies
  • All of it
  • The stenosis lecture and demonstration of light force application - ?
  • Hands on/knowledge from Dr. Cox and other Docs
  • Interacting with great experience doctors
  • Seeing and hearing Dr. Cox – Bryce Milam DC
  • Clinical pearls and stories of real life experiences with patients and cases
  • Inspiration/motivation to publish case studies

Least Beneficial

  • Nothing, enjoyed it all!
  • Door noises
  • Traveling but it was worth it.
  • Are you kidding? 0

What would you tell your colleague?

  • They should become a certified Cox® practitioner.  It is evidence based.  I wish I had taken these courses 3 years ago.
  • That this is the best technique out there
  • Research and evidence is the future of our necessity to practice – Luigi Albano DC
  • A must in our profession – Evaline Delson DC
  • To be a complete chiropractor you need to know the proper application of the Cox® Technic.
  • To go and learn correctly – Bradley Hunter DC
  • Do it
  • Worth your time and money – Sam Durbin DC
  • An absolute must for chiropractors genuinely interested in not only understanding the evidence behind the most effective way to treat complex cases, but also the hands-on experience to confidently and effectively treat complex cases. – Christiana Crawford DC
  • Best of all the chiro seminars I have taken in 29 years – Chris Osterlitz DC


  • I appreciate all of the effort Dr Cox, Julie and other Cox® instructors have put into the research and dissemination of this important work.  Truly life changing for our patients – Linda Holland DC
  • Really liked that the program is oriented towards research studies – Tim Krantz DC
  • Dr. Cox is the most brilliant doctor I know.  I am so blessed to be a part of his work and so are my patients. – Jack Bradley DC
  • Amazing experience as always – Joseph Pritchett DC
  • You learn more in 2 days at a Cox seminar than you would learn in 2 years of other seminars – William Hoffman DC
  • Always more than I expected – Michael McMurray DC
  • Great seminars.  Need to do it more – Dio Kim DC
  • I’ve been studying Dr. Cox for 27 years, always great.  His work continues to evolve and is always fresh and relevant. – Bryce Milam DC
  • Outstanding presentation – Always the best great group of docs – Carl Tenckhoff DC
  • Thank you – Evan Halbert DC
  • Best seminar available to have – Derek Tenckhoff DC
  • Externally grateful for helping me give life back to my patients – Sarah Bracamontes DC
  • I’ve had classes since the 1970’s and it just keeps getting better – James Brandt DC

The 2023 Maui Cox® Honors Course was worth all the preparation, stress, excitement, planning, and more. I’m not sure if it was MAUI or the OVERALL COURSE, but the enthusiasm and excitement was so high with many who attended (and those who didn’t but followed the pictures and presentations as they were posted to social media) expressing the desire and/or commitment to attend the 2024 one! We’ll see what comes together for 2024…Maui or another warm place a little closer to the Indiana time zone!? Check our schedule around August 2023...

Aloha! Mahalo!

Aloha `Oe A Hui Hou Kakou (until we meet again…)


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