MORE Comments about Hands-on Workshops' Value

Hands-on workshops in Cox® Technic are Dr. Cox's vision to allow intimate hands-on demonstration and practice with experienced chiropractic colleagues. The workshops are a place where questions can be answered, more in-depth discussions of specific tips for specific conditions may be had, technique applications can be honed for optimal clinical outcomes. Here are comments from attendees of past workshops:

Loved it!  Extremely beneficial for practice! – Linda Holland DC (7/19 Olding)

Great experience with a very helpful, patient, and knowledgeable instructor – Lance Gwyn DC (Kruse)

You have probably been doing it wrong all this time.  Go learn it right. – Shawn Nelson DC (Kruse)

This procedure is effective and beneficial when performed correctly.  D.C. should be trained appropriately. – Robert Sellari DC (Siciliano)

It’s a unique technic. – Patrick Callaert DC (Kruse)

Since it was such a small group (2) it was possible to get immediate feedback & correction from the instructor. - anonymous (Poulin)

You are going to learn a lot which will change how you practice for the better. Troy Bukewitsch DC (Dixon)

Great way to learn technique with experienced Dr. – Steve Albert DC (Kruse)

The [Cox8] force table [by Haven Medical] was used to show my [treatment pressure] discrepancies and how to correct them. – anonymous (Siciliano)

Highly recommended – Nick Pregont DC (Kruse)

Excellent one-on-one work with a certified instructor. – Timothy Hayes DC (Siciliano)

Dr. Poulin did a great job of explaining and demonstrating the procedures so that everything was very clear and understandable. - Joseph Myers DC (Poulin)

High level work, patient-friendly procedures, impressive body of research – Ross Vaughn DC (8/19 Kruse)

Most beneficial: The fact that it was hands on and practical. (Greenwood)

Loved being here!  Dr. Olding is so generous, he shared his knowledge in a very professional way – (7/19 Olding)

Dr. Ralph Kruse is a great person to be around and has a wealth of Cox chiro knowledge to share. It is great fun & educational to share with him. - anonymous (Kruse 8/19)

Appreciate Dr. Olding giving up his Saturday to help us.  About 8 patients walked in he had to turn away and phone rang.  He focused on us. – Betty Lok DC (Olding)

Excellent presentation, size of class & hands-on – anonymous (Siciliano)

I liked getting feedback from instructor and colleagues about my technique. It’s a great way to improve your technique. – Joyce Fatato DC (Siciliano)

In depth and hands on.  Every question asked was answered. – anonymous (Siciliano)

Dr. Ted is very knowledgeable, great experience – James Fisher DC (Siciliano)

Dr. Olding was very informative and I came away with a better appreciation and motivation to perform this technic. – Luigi Albano DC (Olding)

Dr. Cox was just as enthusiast with the two of us as he is with a crowd. – Michael Johnson DC (Richmond) (Cox)

Wonderful Experience/Will do again!  Fred Schofield DC (Hazen)
Takes Chiropractic care to the next level.  Feb 2019 – Theoni Lamaris DC (Dixon)

I was very delighted to spend the morning into the afternoon with Dr Cox. His research and knowledge is a great value and appreciated. I enjoyed spending the day with him learning and obtaining information. Highly recommended and I’ll attend again! - Lloyd Redington DC (Cox)

I’ll be a better doctor when I leave here.  My patients will benefit what I learned here today. – Binh Nguyen (Cross)

Small workshop means it’s very engaging and lots of opportunity to ensure you understand. – anonymous (Dixon)

Great learning experience – Keith Leboeuf DC (Dixon)

Great hands-on workshop, very knowledgeable- Matt Nelson DC (Greenwood)

Most beneficial: Everything.  First exposure to technique. (Greenwood)

This science is proven effective plus all the recent research studies are brilliant. (Hazen)

Most beneficial: all parts – His knowledge and experience combined makes you very interested in the science. – anonymous (Hazen) 
The workshop leaders are known for their generosity of time, experience, and enthusiasm for chiropractic practice and optimal patient clinical outcomes. It's infectious!
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