Neck Pain and Arm Pain Relieved with Cox Technic

A female patient suffering with neck pain and arm pain into the left upper arm sought medical care first. She was given medications then physical therapy for traction. She did not find relief.
Seeking care from a certified Cox Technic physician, she was diagnosed with a C5-6 cervical spine disc herniation that caused her neck pain and arm pain. The neck disc herniation was such that she had pain down her arm and noticed weakness in that arm.
Cox Technic flexion distraction and decompression was applied to her cervical spine for reduction of the pain due to the cervical spine disc herniation. Within one month of care, her neck pain and arm pain was 60% less. At two months of care, she only had some numbness in her left thumb. She was also able to finally sleep well after the symptomatology of the cervical spine disc herniation was controlled. This neck pain and arm pain patient was happy with these results, knowing that 100% relief is not always possible, but somewhat lesser relief still allows a quality of life that is better than it is with pain.
Neck pain and arm pain due to a neck disc herniation may gently and safely be relieved at the hands of a certified Cox Technic physician to return a suffering patient with neck pain and arm pain back to his or her desired quality of life non-surgically.

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