Neck Pain Relief for a Patient Referred by an Orthopedic Surgeon

By her orthopedic surgeon, a 72 year old lady with neck pain with some arm pain is referred to a chiropractor for care after morphine, xrays and other care that didn't relieve her neck pain. Degenerative disc disease is an issue for this lady, but in 10 days and 4 visits her arm pain is gone and her range of motion in her neck is 70% improved. In office care consisted of Cox Technic Protocol I plus modalities to reduce pain. For at-home neck pain care, she was asked to do hot/cold/hot therapy, attend back school and take calcium citrate.
This neck pain case due to degenerative disc disease is common for chiropractic doctors to see in their offices. Cox Technic certified physicians are ready to help relieve neck pain non-surgically.

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