Neurosurgeon Joins Cox Technic Seminar Presentation on Wellness

Rudy Kachmann, MD, long time colleague of flexion-distraction's developer, James M. Cox, DC, DACBR, joins the chiropractic continuing education Part III Cox Technic course in Nashville to discuss the mind/body connection in dealing with spine and extremity pain relief.
In the realm of spinal surgery for lower back pain and neck pain and extremity pain relief, Dr. Kachmann is a conservative neurosurgeon. His approach in dealing with patients who come to him is whole-person with a goal of overall wellness, not just the healing of the spine or extremity pain. He considers the mind/body of the patient and how these influence the patient's current pain condition. He is known to recommend yoga and massage and chiropractic and meditation and self-help books to his patients. His Kachmann Mind Body Institute is quite popular in Fort Wayne at Lutheran Hospital.
You will enjoy hearing Dr. Kachmann's presentation on the mind/body connection as well as his opinions on current neurosurgical and orthopedic surgical approaches to spine pain relief.
A neurosurgeon's approach to wellness as it applies to neurosurgical and chiropractic practice will inspire you in your clinical practice. The chiropractic physician incorporates this concept of wellness care after pain relief in his/her approach to treating back and extremity pain. In other words, there is more to treating the patient than relieving pain, and this neurosurgeon is at the forefront of the wellness trend. The total wellness concept must be embraced for the benefit of our patient's lives. You will see Dr. Kachmann and Dr. Cox share this and more in Nashville. 
October 8-9, 2011
Opryland Hotel

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