NEW Online Course - L3-4 Disc Herniation, Spine Research Update, Treatment Demo

Dr. James Cox shares this case of a young man of 27 years old who has two disc herniations with L3-4 as quite a large one. He helps this young man through this episode of pain. He further shares how he treated this spine and demonstrates the protocols of chiropractic spinal manipulation he used. During this chiropractic spinal manipulation demonstration, The Cox Table equipped with force measuring apparatus shows the forces applied during this treatment. Live demonstration of the forces!
Dr. Cox opens this course with a review of the latest spine research which highlights chiropractic as a spine care specialty, chiropractic as effective for spine pain relief, and chiropractic as a research based practice.
Enjoy this presentation! 
Link to recorded webinars (some with CE and some without). 

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