New Published Article: Cox Technic Relieves Testicular Pain, Low Back and Leg Pain

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine publishes a case report of relief for a 36 year old man of his testicular pain, his low back pain, and his right leg pain with chiropractic Cox Technic. The lower back pain, the leg pain and the testicular pain had been with the patient for nearly 5 years and was worsening when he started care.
At 4 weeks, the low back pain was improved, and the leg pain was gone.
The testicular pain was improved at the first treatment and relieved after 3 weeks and still gone at 6 months follow up.
Authors, Drs. Rowell and Rylander, used Cox Technic (flexion distraction) as the chiropractic technique system to care for him. Total treatments numbered 19 over 8 weeks.

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