New Published Article: Synovial Cyst Pain Relieved with Cox Technic

Relief of low back and even leg pain due to a lumbar spine synovial cyst is documented in the newly published article by Dr. James Cox. The Journal of Chiropractic Medicine releases this peer-reviewed article in its latest issue. The chiropractic physician finding these synovial cysts in imaging and MRI reports need not fear them for there is a documented, evidence-based protocol to follow. Dr. Cox shares the protocol he has used repeatedly in his practice of Cox Technic Flexion Distraction over the years to relieve the pain of synovial cyst. This article is the third now published on synovial cyst and chiropractic flexion distraction relief of its symptomatology without surgical intervention.
Read Dr. Cox's complete case report, and consider subscribing to the J of Chiropractic Medicine to support your own chiropractic journal and possibly even contributing your successful clinical case report to a peer-reviewed, chiropractic journal yourself. "If it isn't published, it didn't happen." Help chiropractic document what it (you) can do for patients non-surgically.

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