NEW! The 4th Edition Textbook on Cervical Spine

The first printing of NECK, SHOULDER & ARM PAIN: MECHANISM, DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT - 4TH EDITION just arrived today! It's ready for your library as the companion text to the 7th edition of the Low Back Pain textbook by Dr. James M. Cox. As with all his textbooks, this next 4th edition is clinical, easy-to-ready, and applicable to your practice today.
10 years...a long time in the world of medicine and spinal research. James M. Cox, DC, DACBR, has not stopped a moment in collecting it all and now shares this fourth edition of NECK, SHOULDER, AND ARM PAIN: MECHANISM, DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT. It greatly enhances the scope of diagnosis, examination, and anatomy of the cervical and thoracic spine. Surely your students will appreciate this companion textbook on the cervical and thoracic spine mechanics, diagnosis, and treatment.

Like its previous editions, this fourth edition provides details about ...

  • Biomechanics … updated research on the biomechanics of cervical spine pain generation
  • Effects of Care … mechanical alterations of cervical spine anatomy with distraction decompression adjusting
  • Care of Cervical Spine vs. Lumbar Spine … the increased attention to detail when treating the cervical spine as it houses the spinal cord whereas the lumbar spine houses sacral nerves
  • Evidence-based Results of Care … outcomes of federally funded research studies show changes of the intervertebral disc, foramen, and ligaments using Cox® Technic
  • Patient Care … procedures to build the treating physician’s confidence
  • Examination Procedures … The clinical examination used by Dr. Cox is presented along with rehabilitation care of the radicular and non-radicular patient.
  • Algorithm of Decision Making … The step-by-step guide to patient care determined by the examination findings (clinical, radiological, subjective) is shared.
  • Patient Education … The most important part of healing is helping the patient understand his/her condition and its necessary care during healing as well as after the pain is gone.

as well as updates on specific cervical and thoracic spine conditions seen by neck pain specialists ...

  • Stenosis … today’s epidemic with more and more 50+ year old patients seeking relief; the research of the intervertebral disc herniation and degenerative stenosis
  • Whiplash-Type Injury … its incidence and resulting headache, proprioception, and degeneration issues
  • Headache … its etiology and treatment
  • Vertebral Artery Syndrome … current facts and safer spinal manipulative approaches
  • Myelopathy … comparison of myelopathy care via conservative vs. surgical treatment
  • T4 Syndrome … If adjusting the upper thoracic spine vertebrae is ever difficult for you, this text is a must!

In this text…

  • Complete COX® TECHNIC Protocol Description … This is an all-encompassing treatise on tolerance testing, application, Protocols I and II, and post-care of patients with spine and radicular pain.
  • Actual Patient Cases … This chapter reveals actual cases treated by Dr. Cox and other certified practitioners in their clinics: 
    • degenerative disc disease with ankylosis, 
    • cervical disc herniation, 
    • disc degeneration, 
    • disc herniation, 
    • osteoarthritic degeneration, 
    • spinal stenosis, 
    • instability, 
    • arm pain (uni- and bi-lateral), 
    • T2 spondylolisthesis, 
    • perineural cyst, etc.

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