NEW Video for Patients...and Doctors to Share!

NEWLY released!
Here is a short video for curious patients about what Cox Technic treatment looks like with a short description (very short!) of the effects of treatment. This video shows flexion distraction treatment of neck and low back as well as mid-spine appropriate for cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine related pain conditions. Even neck related arm pain and low back related leg pain conditions are addressed using this gentle form of treatment.
Cox Technic is gentle, safe, well-documented and evidence-based chiropractic technique for patients with some back pain to sprain/strain or pain that continues after back surgery. The protocols are well-documented for physicians to follow with certification courses and hands-on workshops for physicians to learn the nuances of application as well as the latest in research outcomes (including federally funded research).
So check out this video, then find a physician or find a training opportunity for Cox Technic care. 

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