NEW Video Ready - Neuroanatomy of the Spine Part #2

Neuroanatomy of the Spine - Part 2
presented by James M. Cox, DC, DACBR 
Building on Part 1 of the Neuroanatomy of the Spine, Dr. Cox presents this second part of the neuroanatomy featuring the
  • generators of low back pain and radiculopathy, 
  • somatic and autonomic generated pain, 
  • referred spine pain  
Join Dr. Cox for an hour and appreciate the neuroanatomy of the spine as you never really did before. In his usual style, Dr. Cox makes this neuroanatomy practical and relevant to the chiropractic physician striving to provide the best care as the back pain specialist for his or her patients. Any back pain specialist will be interested in joining this online presentation to brush up on this anatomy and see how it relates to the treatment of back pain patients.
"Wow, wow, wow. It contains ALL the material to answer the never ending patient's questions: WHY? ... The information is so precious. Thank you again."
– Dr. Sicotte
Register now to watch this on-demand presentation of neuroanatomy of the spine part 2. It's an hour and 7 minutes. Personal log in credentials (username/password/link to the course) will be forwarded to you within 24 hours.  Enjoy! Use!

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