NEWS! Blood Test May Indicate how Spinal Manipulation Relieves Back Pain?!

Anyone who's studied with Dr. James Cox knows he loves the new research about back pain and spinal manipulation. This is the latest news (a blood test may show just how spinal manipulation affects back pain!)...and our Cox Technic Complete subscribers know all about it (via their Cox Research Pearls in their personal admin section) and their patients do (via the homepage's new article)!
Cox Technic is complete with the Cox Technic Complete program! Research in technical terms for the subscribing chiropractic physicians via their own private portal. Research in layman's terms for the subscriber's community and online search engines like Google and Bing.
Cox Technic Complete is for the back pain specialists who want to not only draw patients to their practices but also want to educate their patients so that they are on the same page with their care and know that they have some control over their clinical outcomes.
Each week, a new article based on the latest in spinal research is added to the website. Google and Bing know that the site is active and reliable with new information. That's important!
So if being on the cutting edge of spinal and back pain research - like a blood test that may explain how spinal manipulation helps - is important to you, sign up for Cox Technic Complete today! Call 1-800-441-5571 for more information if you like!
* Cox Technic Complete is from the combined efforts of the Cox Technic team and  its technical partner, Cirrus ABS. 

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