No Phosphorous with Calcium! Check out Formula #2!


We get calls asking “Why is Formula #2 phosphorous-free?” or “Why is it a big deal to not have phosphorous in the calcium formula?” Have you wondered? Well, years ago Dr. Cox did his homework and shared it with everyone who would listen: Phosphorous is not needed in a calcium product as it’s so prevalent in the diet and may actually be detrimental to calcium supplementation. What came of this knowledge? His calcium formula: FORMULA #2 NON-PHOSPHOROUS CALCIUM CITRATE WITH VITAMIN D3 & MAGNESIUM.

Formula #2 Non-Phosphorous Calcium Citrate 

New research just came out recently confirming and expounding on this knowledge. Phosphorous is plentiful in the body and in today’s food (particularly processed foods and sodas). 85% of it is found in bone. Phosphate supplementation isn’t necessary and may be detrimental to bone in those who have kidney issues or low calcium intake. Vitamin D on the other hand is present only in small amounts in food and mostly made in the skin when exposed to sun light. So vitamin D supplementation (and addition to calcium products) is wise. Persons who have low bone mineral density, are obese, or experience malabsorption issues may need higher doses of vitamin D (1000-2000 IU/day) while the rest of us under 50 years can get away with taking less than 1000 IU/day. 

So it’s time to check out and order FORMULA #2 Non-Phosphorous Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D3 & Magnesium to support bone health and growth!

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