"Oldie but GREAT" Paper on Chondroitin Sulfate Benefit

Dr. Cox has been going through his old piles of research collections dating back to the 1970's - old-fashioned paper files! Talk about reminescing...it's a journey worth taking. Today's technology offers much in the way of data storage and organization, but there is something about physical paper in your hand, in a stack with related research papers with hand-written notes that just draws you in. Can you relate?! Even if you don't, trust me it's inspiring and enjoyable for Dr. Cox. 
One paper rose to the top of the "spinal nutrition - chondroitin sulfate" pile: the original of Welburn's article on the benefit of chondroitin sulfate: "Shotgun Approach May Quell Arthritis, Rheumatis, and Back Pain!" in the Journal of Arthritis Research from 1994! Dr. Cox had requested a reprint of it, so check it out. His underlines are there. Julie's "done 12/7/94" (which she did back in the day after typing the reference and info from the paper) is there. (We had a system in the day!)
"Two groups of patients were tested, one with NSAIDs and the other with CSA. 77% of those taking CSA had reduced inflammation - over 42% higher than those receiving NSAIDs! .... "CSA caused degraded bones to begin repairing through its ability to increase the absorption and replacement of calcium. It can be said that CSA diminishes the disease and begins rebuilding the damaged area  with none of the health risks of NSAIDs." 

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