On-Demand VIDEO - Clinical Neuroanatomy of the Spine (Part 1)


"I love it, love it, love it!" - J.S., DC 

Dr. James Cox presents this first part of the neuroanatomy presentation featuring the
  • intervertebral disc neurology,
  • intraradicular autonomic nerve supply to the dorsal root ganglion and
  • nerve roots via Kobayashi et al,
  • the effect of neuroischemia on neural conduction,
  • possible responses to flexion distraction decompression spinal manipulation, and
  • chemical radicular clinical responses. 

In his usual style, Dr. Cox makes this neuroanatomy practical and relevant to the chiropractic clinician striving to provide the best care as the back pain specialist for his or her patients. It promises to be interesting to any back pain specialist interested in brushing up on this anatomy.

"I realize how much I have forgotten and the topic was over my head some. This is fantastic material..."  - K.B., DC
Register now to watch this on-demand presentation of neuroanatomy of the spine part 1. It's an hour. Personal log in credentials (username/password/link to the course) will be forwarded to you within 24 hours. 

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