ONLINE COURSE OF MONTH - Why DCs Practice As They Do

Do you know your neuroanatomy?
Do you get the DRG's role in back pain? 
Do you know the nerve root pressures in back pain...and how to drop them? 
Do you appreciate everything your spinal manipulation does for spine pain and back pain? 
Dr. James Cox prepared a 3-course series about the foundational concepts chiropractors know - or must know - about the spine - its anatomy and interconnectedness - and how spinal manipulation affects the spine and body. He discusses and details the following
  • the nervous system
  • anatomy
  • DRG vascularity
  • adrenergic/cholinergic nerves
  • nerve root pressures
  • history of FD's development and influences
  • Stoddard/McManis/Blackmore/Rodman
  • Osteopathic Manipulation / Lesion
Dr. Cox's presentation of the DRG shows just how much awe the DRG should inspire. Dr. Cox describes: "It is like a brain sitting within the osseoligamentous canal and is central to all of what we do as manipulative physicians."  
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