OPPORTUNITY: Spend a Day with Dr. Cox

Dr. James Cox is ready to spend the day with you and a colleague discussing the latest in spine research and practicing the protocols of Cox Technic Flexion Distraction Decompression Spinal Manipulation to ease back pain, neck pain, thoracic spine pain, and more. You'll even delve into some deep topics of vagal nerve stimulation, afferentation, and adrenergic/cholinergic affectation...and even some osteopathic techniques he learned from his step-father, John C. Rodman, DO, DC, in his early, post-graduation chiropractic years that have come in handy helping patients with a variety of issues.
He will work with you on a date that fits your and his schedule. This will be held at his home office in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with a visit to the clinic. The Haven Medical Cox8 Force Table® will be used.
Contact Julie (800-441-5571 or email) with a date that works for you. Try to bring a colleague, but if you can't, we'll work to pair you up! Proceeds go to research. 

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