Our Swiss Adventure! New Certified Docs!


The Swiss Chiropractic Academy set out to offer a few technique series to its membership. Each series was hoped to include 32 hours of relevant chiropractic educational material. And Cox Technic has 32 hours of material in its Certification Course Parts I and II! So over two weekends - one in March with Drs. Kurt Olding and Ralph Kruse and one in July with Drs. George Joachim and James Cox - chiropractors from Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, England, Portugal, Slovenia, and Australia (for the June course - award for traveling the farthest for chiropractic education!)  met at the Stad de Suisse in Bern Switzerland. What an amazing experience! Dr. Johanna McChurch did an amazing job for the Swiss Chiropractic Academy in organizing the location and logistics!
At the end of July's course, Cox Technic welcomes more newly certified  European  physicians. We are so excited as will be those European patients seeking care for their back pain and neck pain and leg pain and arm pain and post-surgical continued back pain for which this course series really prepared these docs to handle. 
The published algorithms of decision making for Cox Technic were shared. The hands-on protocols for full spine, cervical spine, thoracic spine, and lumbar spine were demonstrated and practiced. The scientific research behind the flexion distraction protocols and clinical outcomes were presented. And lots of coffee and snack food was shared! Such wonderful hospitality we all felt. 
Just as an aside,  the city of Bern is so welcoming and beautifully Swiss. We Americans truly enjoyed the views, the bears, the history, and the food (fondue!). The traveling part of the trip wasn't so much fun (Our sleeping on the floor at the Atlanta airport wasn't much fun!), but we are so thankful for the opportunity to share Cox Technic with those interested physicians via the Swiss Chiropractic Academy.
The venue - Stad de Suisse - more than a soccer stadium! 
The Bern bears!
lovely views! 
Dr. Olding presenting in March. 
Dr. Kruse working with a hands-on group learning the Cox Technic protocols in March.

Dr. Joachim working with a hands-on group in July. Hand contact is so important!
Dr. Cox demonstrates side-lying flexion distraction for patients like those who are in too much pain to lie on their side or are pregnant and lying on the stomach isn't very comfortable!
Drs. Cox and Joachim enjoying a night of rest on the floor of the Atlanta airport thanks to Delta!  Wonderful stories...

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