Palmer West and Life West Students Join to Study wtih Dr. Cox

Palmer West hosted Palmer West and Life West students on Friday, September 13, 2013, to share an afternoon of study with Dr. James Cox. Dr. Cox focused on the research and science behind chiropractic and Cox Technic and shared how that has been his drive in his 50 years of chiropractic practice. The group arranged by Dr. Tom Milus at Palmer West and Dr. Greg Bruno of Life West along with Dr. William Meeker, President of Palmer West, enjoyed finding out the latest biomechanical changes with flexion distraction during the cervical treatment and seeing the actual cadaveric study set up pictures as well as observing actual demonstration of treatment on The Cox8 Table by Haven Innovation.
Several students were enthused to follow up study with Cox Seminars in the future while a couple even proceeded to join the 12 hours Cox Seminar in San Jose the following weekend. 

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