Part III Cervical Comments from Attendees

When we say something, it may sound biased, so here are comments from attendees at the Cervical Spine Part III Cox® Seminar in July 2022. We are honored to spend time and share The Cox® System with you!
What was most beneficial?

  • How to tolerance test determines the protocol and treat the patient safely
  • Great hands on and fantastic level of research for presentation 
  • Guided hands on
  • The direct application of the literature into diagnosis and treatment

What would you tell your colleague about the experience?

  • One of the best organized and informative programs I’ve ever attended 
  • Do it, your brain will be stretched – Jerry Pokorney DC 
  • These courses will reshape the way you view patient care
  • For no other reason, attend the seminar for the wealth of knowledge presented. 

General Feedback

  • Great information and lots of hands on.  All presenters and organizers are top notch – Gerald Zuker DC
  • The instructors are phenomenal!  Everything is research based.  Julie, Dr. Cox, Dr. Joachim, and Dr. Olding are a wealth of knowledge and pour their heart and soul into this program to enhance the chiropractic profession. – Linda Holland DC Part III
  • This course will inspire you to be a better doctor. – Frances Rowland DC
  • Great weekend – Peter Falk DC
See you at the next Part III Cervical Spine course!


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