Parts I and II Certification Course - 4 days

Fort Wayne, Indiana, played host city again for the combined Parts I and II Cox Technic Certification Course for lumbar spine protocols (with a short overview and introduction to the cervical spine technique). (The next one is October 20-23, 2016!) Drs. Cox, Gudavalli, Joachim, and Olding took turns presenting the didactic lecture material and sharing time at The Cox8 Tables (Thank you, Haven Innovation, for bringing the tables!) for practicing the protocols, one-by-one. 
Dr. Joachim sharing the force application using the force measuring equipment on The Cox8 Table. 
Dr. Olding shares some hands-on practice during the introductory section on cervical spine Cox Technic. 
Dr. Cox sharing the review session of notes.
Dr. Cox demonstrating how the specially equipped The Cox8 Table can visually guide a doctor's application of forces. 
Doctors from Australia (2 doctors!) to Westminster (Colorado) joined us. One of the attending students is looking toward his graduation and practicing at home in Iran! Cox Technic is spreading the globe.
Check out the referral directory for all the certified Cox Technic physicians -  long-time certified and newly certified - ready to help relieve low back pain and leg pain (sciatica) as well as other spine related conditions with the research-documented protocols of Cox Technic flexion distraction treatment. The referral directory even indicates if the doctor has The Cox8 Table with the cervical headpiece!
Congratulations to all the newly certified physicians and thank you to all the instructors!

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