Parts I / II in Fort Wayne - 4 days, 30 hours - Wow!

Integrated hands-on and didactic just sitting and listening.
No breaks...but not missed.
Impromptu (real) patient case presentations...not possible elsewhere.
Introduction of new table options...specials.
Objective training tools (transducer and embedded into The Cox Table) to measure forces applied to the live feedback to hone treatment skills.
5 instructors (talented, experienced, well-educated: orthopedic, rehabilitation and radiological diplomates!).
4 days. 
3 instruments (The Cox Table by Haven Innovation).
2 tests (written and practical).
1 weekend.
(to Julie): "Thank "you" for all your support !!! Your team of educators are fantastic and I learned so much from them!! Thank you for sharing your Dad with us!!  The wealth of knowledge he has and continues to give to our profession is astonishing!!! God bless him and all the energy he has!!!! Hope to see you again soon!!!!" – Michael Anzalone DC
"I first attended one of Dr. Cox’s seminars back in 1995 and was truly amazed at the information presented. I didn’t think it was possible, but his seminars have only gotten better ever since!  Dr. Cox has an impressive ability to present complex research in a very understandable way, and shows how said research relates to clinical practice of Cox Technic.  I love that he has honed Cox Technic over the years through the study and utilization of research. You just know that Dr. Cox absolutely loves what he does and wants Doctors of Chiropractic to properly utilize his life’s work for the betterment of humanity!" - Daniel D Spencer DC, CCSP
An exercise "break" with Dr. Joachim! 
So come experience this incredible opportunity to build your confidence in being the chiropractic back pain specialist that back pain patients in your community want and need! 
Make plans to join the next Combined Parts I / II Cox Technic Certification Course on July 16-19, 2015!

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