Patient Education Brochures Increase "Congruence"

Realistic expectations are the foundation of good clinical outcomes. Cedrashi wrote about congruent patients as being those who accept that their health conditions will not necessarily be cured but rather controlled long term are better patients than those who are non-congruent who are those who expect a heal. Congruency is formed via good communication between the doctor and patient.
Cox Technic Resource Center provides detailed chiropractic patient education brochures on the evidence-based protocols and research-documented clinical outcomes using flexion distraction for back pain and neck pain relief. Pictures of treatments, descriptions of benefits, and details of the federally funded research studies make these patient education pamphlets invaluable. Reports of findings in the office are well-defined, but patients like to take home the explanation to share with their families. These patient education brochures do that. Don't be surprised on the next visit that the patient tells you about his or her condition and how it will be controlled!

Cox Technic Cervical Spine Brochure

Cox Technic for Spinal Pain Management Patient Education Brochure

Cox Technic for Low Back Pain and Leg Pain Relief patient brochure
Cox Technic patient education brochures are professionally written and easily understandable. Available in packs of 50, they are ideal for your office or as handouts at a chiropractic education presentation you make. Three types of patient education brochures are available:
  • Cox Technic for Low Back and Leg Pain Relief
  • Cox Technic for Cervical Spine and Arm Pain Relief
  • Cox Technic for Spinal Pain Management, an overview brochure geared more to healthcare colleagues
Please see more information on these patient education brochures available in packets of 50 for just $35 plus shipping. You may order them via the order form or telephone at 1-800-441-5571.

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