Pearl of Month: Treatment Options for Post Surgical Continued Pain


A review of manual and manipulative therapies for post-surgical back pain patients was done. Researchers wanted to share the levels of evidence of these protocols for patients with back pain who had already had lumbar spine surgery. They reported that inpatient neural mobilization doesn't improve outcomes. They further stated that they didn't make a conclusion as to what did work for certain, but 6 papers of treatment for such patients published using [Cox Technic] flexion distraction were included in the review.
side note: There is growing evidence of help offered by Cox Technic, building on these 6 articles. Check out the ACA Webinar coming on June 18 for the latest with Dr. James Cox and Dr. Ralph Kruse
from: Daniels CJ, Cupler ZA, Gliedt JA, et al. Manipulative and Manual Therapies in the Management of Patients with Prior Lumbar Surgery: A Systematic Review. Research Square; 2020. DOI: 10.21203/  [pre-print]


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