Presenting at the Part 3 Course in Vegas!

"What happens in Vegas..."
Well, Cox Technic physicians who attended the chiropractic continuing education course - Part III Cox Seminar - in Las Vegas in March 2015 were challenged to flip the old saying to WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS DOESN'T STAY IN least as far as the excitement and new things to enhance chiropractic clinical practice and improve patient care!
I can truly say in my 20 years of practice never have I experienced a seminar where so much incredible knowledge not only flowed from the master of this incredible technique but from every knowledgeable provider in the room.  I would without hesitation tell any chiropractor who has ever experienced the Cox Flexion Distraction Technic to run to the Part 3 seminar it's a true learning experience that not only motivates you but gives you knowledge to take your results to another level.  - Bill Schroeder D.C.
Now, the Part III courses are phenomenally dynamic, and this 5th one in Vegas (the #1 highest requested location for a course!) didn't disappoint! The exchange of ideas, cases, challenges and new information (yes! New research findings that will change the way you practice on Monday!) keeps everyone in the room despite Dr. Cox's notorious not taking breaks presentations. :)  
I always get a minimum of one new thing, but usually I get 3 to 5 things from each seminar.  I have been coming to Dr. Cox’s seminar for over 30 years and still am amazed. - H. Gregory Jarrett DC
The case presentations (slides of history, diagnosis, imaging, treatment plan, outcomes, and treatment demonstration - all in about 10 minutes each!) were shared by Drs. Gerald and Latresia Bell, Dean Greenwood, Lee Hazen, H. Greg Jarrett, Michael McMurray, and Larry Smith. On their own, each case was a stepping stone for an discussion of clinically relevant tips and new information. Combined they made the weekend real. 
It’s so nice to have an in-depth discussion on the legions we see every day in our practices.  My “A-Ha” moment this weekend, “why am I doing rotatory breaks on c/s when I could get way stronger results and go far with Cox Technique.” It’s time for a Cox8 table. - Troy Tater DC
The next Part III is on October 17-18, 2015 in Chicago. Come! Present a case of your own!

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