Rave Reviews for Fall 2021 Honors Course!

On September 18-19, 2021, back pain specialists from across the US (and one from Canada!) joined together in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to share clinical tips and tools of the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management used in daily chiropractic practice. Exercise (Dr. George Joachim), balance (Dr. Kurt Olding), distraction of hip, knee, ankle and shoulder (Dr. Luigi Albano) were new presentations mixed with the latest in spine research publications that impact daily practice as well as case presentations and descriptions of afferentation and the effect of spinal manipulation on the nervous system (Dr. Cox).
The topics were well-received, so I think we'll have to work them into the next Cox® Technic Honors Course! Cox® Technic certified chiropractors are amazing thinkers and developers of new approaches to musculoskeletal pain as well as researchers to find out just how their treatments impact patients. Awesome!
Some comments from the attendees...


  • All
  • Dr. Albano's extremities, new overall research, balance, exercise
  • Dr. Albano’s extremities segment
  • Rehab, afferentation
  • Entire program – Lewis Harp DC
  • The introduction of knee, ankle, shoulder and hip decompression – Travis Cross
  • Dr. Albano’s DFT – extremity – Shawn Nelson
  • All very applicable to Monday morning – Lucas VanAcker
  • The extremities on Cox® Table 
  • It was great to have integration of extremity work and balance. Exercise workshop great. Helped me to refine exercises I prescribe – Robert Patterson Jr
  • Review of current research studies and extremity manipulations using The Cox® Table – Kevin Moriarty
  • Balance and new information – Phil Gilbert
  • Dr. Kurt – How balance and spine are tired together in a realtime testing system. Dr. George’s exercises! Dr. Cox’s cases are always exciting and always beneficial for Monday.  – Mike Poulin
  • Extremity adjusting with the Cox® Table – William Hoffman
  • The amount of research and cases that show what we do is amazing – Zachary Haapaoja
  • Dr. Cox, Dr. Olding’s Balance, Dr. Joachim’s exrcise, and Dr. Albano’s extremity – John Murray
  • All instructors are excellent. Always love hearing Dr. Cox speak. Learning extremities was new. – Hilary Schweitzer 



  • I loved the free flow of the honors course.  You like this … let's talk about that. - David Ward
  • These are the best courses to improve as a provider.
  • It’s true evidence-based chiropractic.
  • Every Cox® seminar I have attended has provided incredible relevant information to be used on Monday in practice. – Travis Cross
  • The research and technique are evolving and all chiros woud benefit – Lucas VanAcker
  • I’m never disappointed when I attend a Cox® Seminar. Excellent program and people. – Kevin Moriarty
  • Best course and technique provided for chiropractic. – Phil Gilbert
  • Excellent seminar for hands-on experience. New ideas. – William Hoffman
  • If you want to improve your skill and practice, go. – John Murray 



  • Awesome – Anthony Galante
  • As always it was a great seminar – Kevin Pisle
  • Fantastic experience – Lewis Harp
  • Very good seminar – Travis Cross
  • Thanks for all your hard work. – Kevin Moriarty
  • Well organized – Phil Gilbert
  • Always a lot of seminar with consistency and best doctors. – Mike Poulin
  • Amazing. Extremity was a great way to switch it up, and the information was phenomenal.  Very helpful – Zachary Haapaoja
  • The information and energy give me motivation because the knowledge is a life long asset.  – John Murray


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