Ready - Recorded Webinar on Spondylolisthesis, Bertolotti's & Transitional Segment

Common conditions visiting nearly every chiropractor's office - spondylolisthesis, Bertolotti's Syndrome and transitional segment may seem routine - but may prove challenging. Gentle Cox Technic Flexion Distraction chiropractic spinal manipulation may be a treatment of choice for the chiiropractor and the patient.

Dr. James Cox, developer of chiropractic Cox Technic, presents examination tools and diagnostic tips including MRI and xray study findings that may help set a treatment plan for lower back pain relief due to spondylolisthesis, transitional segment and Bertolotti's Syndrome. This chiropractic webinar focuses on the examination, diagnosis and treatment of these conditions so commonly seen by chiropractors as well as a few newly published findings about them.
In the one hour and 8 minutes program, Dr. Cox passionately shares how chiropractic benefits these conditions in their pain relief and control. Enjoy the course!
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