READY - Recording of Clinical Case Reports & Current Resesarch VIDEO

Dr. James Cox presents four clinical cases, cases you see in daily practice. He presents the exam findings, the diagnosis, the treatment plan (including flexion distraction for lower back pain relief),  and the outcome of patient clinical cases of back pain and leg pain. Further, he shares some of the most current research in spinal pain management and care that will help optimize your clinical results of these back pain patients.
This online chiropractic education video features:
  1. Peripheral neuropathy in a 76 year old female with L3-4 spinal stenosis and post surgical 10 years for back pain. Explanation of neuropathic pain, its origin, and treatment with Cox distraction manipulation will be shown. This case represents a common condition seen by chiropractors daily in clinic and will be most beneficial for attending doctors to learn. The Gemelli Obturator Internus Complex role in relieving this case will be shown. Hip pain is a challenge and this case will help our understanding of its cause and care.
  2. Meningioma of the thoracic spine with clinical presentation
  3. Bertolotti's syndrome in a 48 year old man. Diagnosis, instability, accompanying cervical spine condition, and treatment will be shown
  4. Post surgical continued pain syndrome in a 68 year old female with right side foot drop. L3-L5 spinal fusion. What reasonable expectations can be made for such cases. See side lying Cox F/D decompression give the best clinical outcome. Guest case of Christophe Dean D.C.
    • Instructor: James M. Cox DC DACBR
    • Originally produced: Thursday, November 7, 2013
    • Time: 1 hour 
    • CE Credits: no
"Very relevant topic and discussion on cases that are becoming more common in our practices. What a beautiful technic to address these tough cases. If only our whole profession would take up this kind of work we would dominate the world of spine care." - Dr. K. Pankonin
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