RECORDING Ready - Clinical Cases & Treatment: Scoliosis, Disc, Compression Fracture


Dr. James Cox leads this practical mix of basic and advanced application course of Cox Technic protocols. He presents the exam findings, the diagnosis, the treatment demonstration and the outcome of patient clinical cases of back pain and leg pain...all from his home office which is equipped with The Cox8 Table by Haven Innovation.


  • Case 1. Osteoporosis and lumbar scoliosis and hyperkyphosis of the thoracic spine with advanced disc degeneration in a 73 year old female. How much relief with best care possible?
  • Case 2. Degenerative dextrorotatory lumbar scoliosis in a 58 year old female with advanced degenerative disc disease. What manipulation options exist? Cox F/D distraction is shown.
  • Case 3. L5-S1 left paracentral disc herniation with pre and post MRI studies showing disc reduction. Is disc reduction size important for clinical outcome? Guest case by Steven Garber, DC, is reviewed.
  • Case 4. L4-L5 disc extrusion absorbed under Cox Flexion Distraction Decompression spinal manipulation. Guest case by Ilan Sommer, DC
  • Case 5. Acute thoracic compression fracture

sample section from "scoliosis" discussion - taken out of context but a preview
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