Recordings of Cox Technic Webinars Now Available

The Cox Technic Webinars' recordings have a home alongside their live counterparts!
laptop for personal viewing
It's taken some time, but we now have a secure portal to share recorded webinars on topics ranging from Pathologies and FBSS cases to online patient communication and patient case sharing. Some are free, and some are fee-based. Two are ready now, and more are coming!
Dr. James Cox, developer of Cox Technic, with invited guests presents most of these chiropractic focused webinars though most are appropriate for general spinal care information with radiology and diagnostic discussions and their impact on the treatment plan and outcomes for back pain and neck pain patients who may also have extremity pain.
For more information on free webinars and fee-based webinars, please click the respective links. Keep checking back for more courses as they get editted and uploaded!

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