Research Is Going On Now!

Literally, research is going on right now, today! As I write this little news report, Dr. James Cox is in Chicago at the Loyola Stritch School of Medicine at the Hines VA Hospital with Dr. Ram Gudavalli and Dr. Patwardhan and his team of researchers at the Windy City Lab (formally known as the Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Laboratory).
Now you can't just run up there and join them. (Sorry! It's quite a secure place. No entrance without permission and all!) However, we hope that you can feel some of the excitement from a distance, some of the pride in what chiropractic spinal research is doing and where chiropractic spinal research is headed, where it's going to take you and the profession...and how it's going to help the back pain patient.
Each time Dr. Cox and colleagues like Dr. George Joachim and Dr. Ralph Kruse and Drs. Vining and Seidman join the Palmer Research Team and the Windy City Lab team a new question is answered and a new direction is charted. Much has been completed, and the papers are in the works, so we can't share details yet. It's coming!
But to recap where Cox Technic treatment was in research and documentation in the early days and where it is now, a list of publications by chiropractors and researchers that share their findings may inspire. Broken into peer-reviewed published papers and other types of publications (journals, online, video, patient books, etc.), you may enjoy this list that we look forward to adding to soon!
Back pain, neck pain, arm pain and leg pain relief in the hands of certified Cox Technic physiciansback pain specialists who keep up on the research, perform flexion distraction adjustments according to proper protocols following the 50% Rule, and truly enjoy their work so much that treating their patients isn't work, is all the patient wants and the healthcare system needs today.

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