RESEARCH PEARL: Chronic LBP in Older Adults Changes Life

Dr. James Cox came across this research pearl regarding chronic low back pain and the older adult. It affects their whole life. Chronic low back pain sufferers who are older adults report that it has changed their life. Factors like pain's effect on the sense of self and how the body they've had all their life doesn't let them do what they want to do anymore, family life and relationships are complicated by low back pain, work with pain, and low back pain makes them feel socially and recreationally repressed. Chronic low back pain pervades the life of older adults who experience it. Back pain specialists must be aware of just how life-changing chronic low back pain is and help these patients as best as possible with treatment and with understanding of just how life-changing this is. Read more about this research of chronic low back pain and the older adult: Stensland ML, Sanders S: "It Has Changed My Whole Life": The Systemic Implications Of Chronic Low Back Pain Among Older Adults. J Gerontol Soc Work 2018 [Epub ahead of print].


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